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WELCOME!   to NosePlasty Clinic web pages where you can avail yourself of important information, knowledge and answers to many frequently asked questions which can help you make the correct decision about changing your facial image by rejuvenating your facial appearance and/or changing the shape of your nose.


***If you have ever thought about correcting your image by rejuvenating your face or changing the shape of your nose, this is the perfect opportunity for you to allay your fears and to explore this possibility! Find out what you could look like with your new face and nose before you go to the trouble and expense of consulting a facial surgeon. Read through this website and then submit your face photo- graphs by e-mail for professional morphing and analysis via Contact us at NosePlasty Clinic.



   ADVICE for anyone contemplating facial rejuvenation or nasal facial surgery.

   Submit your photographs by email. Details at Rhinoplasty From A  Distance

   Sending Details available on application at Contact us at NosePlasty Clinic


                      Take the time to read our in-depth information on:-

facial image-historical nasal beauty

chin enhancements

nose shaping and refinement

nose tip and revision surgery

nose tip plastic surgery to improve nose function and to stop snoring

non surgical nose jobs

nose shape change

nose augmenting

nose tip narrowing and shaping

nose hump removal

nasal septum correction to alleviate nose blockages and to stop snoring

chin enhancement by augmentation

ethnic rhinoplasty-particularly African, Mid-Eastern and Asian nose shaping change.

facial rejuvenation by nose shape changes

snoring as a result of nasal anatomical obstructions often associated with obesity.

YOUR desired nose shape is our optimal result! And clear breathing is a pre-requisite for your image. optimum health, vitality and youthful body shape.


Become informed with the help of this authoritative website about the benefits and Pitfalls and Risks associated with nose shaping plastic surgery. Our aim is that this website will focus your understanding of modern, nose plastic surgery which is today being performed by world class, super-specialised, expertly qualified surgeons at NosePlasty Clinic.


NosePlasty Clinic one of the world's foremost and sophisticated nose surgery Clinics offers to selected clients

facial rejuvenation / rhinoplasty / nose jobs at costs that are

affordable and reasonable,

elegantly performed,

of world class standard,

focused on minimal recovery  and convalescence with maximal results,

complete advanced sedation-when required (NOT a general anaesthetic!) administered by a specialised anaesthesiologist WITH state of the art monitoring equipment,

and surgery by a highly specialised surgeon with international recognition.


NosePlasty Clinic is democratizing and demystifying rhinoplasty by means of elegant sedation and advanced surgical techniques-thereby reducing the cost of rhinoplasty. This is the NosePlasty Clinic advantage for the thousands of people who really need a nose job in order to look younger and more beautiful, but think they can't afford it.


Nose jobs at NosePlasty Clinic are performed with micro-surgical precision

and essentially painless and bloodless techniques.


                         BEAUTY OF THE FACE BEGINS WITH THE NOSE


According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons rhinoplasty is the most sought after cosmetic surgery for people younger than 45. (Nose job surgery is today performed at NosePlasty Clinic for all ages, from teenage to over 70.)


NosePlasty Clinic's super specialised surgeons use the latest medical, surgical, imaging and technological advances. There is no longer reason for anyone who is healthy and concerned about their image because of the shape of their nose, not to have it corrected. This face beautifying surgery is done without excesses and always with the highest standards of quality, precision, care, style and with absolute discretion. We call this 'The Swiss Method' of rhinoplasty.


NosePlasty Clinic specialises in making uncomplicated, primary nose cosmetic change affordable by surgical expertise and by avoiding the extremely high costs of hospitalisation and general anaesthesia. NosePlasty Clinic with its advanced, innovative and scientifically valid methodology is today in a league of its own!




Because of the current very low South African currency International exchange rates you can today have a 1st-world class reshaping of your nose at a cost of less than 50% compared to equivalent surgery in UK, USA or Western Europe!


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                                 WITHOUT LENGTHY HOSPITALISATION

                                 WITHOUT GENERAL ANAESTHETIC AND

                                                 WITHOUT PAIN!


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In Mykonos we specially arrange imaging and consultations by Mr.I. Kallinikos in facilities for international travellers/holiday makers from UK, Switzerland, Greece and Middle East.


  • or EMAIL for an appointment or information through CONTACT US
  • or SUBMIT your face photographs for a Facial and Nose Shape Analysis* through CONTACT US
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        *  Appointments must be arranged by pre-booking.

                                      There is usually a waiting list.

                      Please read the Disclaimer and Conditions that apply.



                                   Demystifying Nose Plastic Surgery.
At NosePlasty Clinic we are always happy to take your call in order to answer your queries. Our client liaisons officer, Daphne, is a most accomplished, trained and experienced image and nose analyst consultant. She has participated as an observer, designer and video photographer in hundreds of hours of live rhinoplasty consultations and surgical procedures by some of the most experienced and respected nose plastic surgeons in the world. By calling or requesting a personal appointment with Daphne to discuss your concerns, NosePlasty Clinic gives you an advantage you cannot find anywhere else. Feel free to call today and book an appointment with her for personal advice as to who you should see and what she thinks you should do. Daphne is an international aesthetic authority. (A fee applies for a one-on-one private and discreet consultation.)

 The easiest way to contact Daphne- Liaison and Advice at NosePlasty Clinic is by-
    •    email: info@noseplasty.com
    •    person to person call: 0027 82 5751988 - Not always available

          only between 08:00 and 16:00 (GMT) or 10:00 and 18:00 (CAT) Monday-Friday.



                     NosePlasty Facial Image Therapy Consultant and Surgeon

                                                 Mr. John-Calinikos


International, registered specialist facial and nose surgeon with three decades of International surgical recognition and experience (South Africa, United Kingdom, Greece and Switzerland)

International Member of the prestigious American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (AAFPRS)

Fellow of the Royal College Surgeons-Edinburgh (FRCSEd) United Kingdom.

Rhinoplasty trained with some of the world's most respected and prestigious surgeons in the world.


NosePlasty Clinic in association with Mr. John-Calinikos is dedicated solely to cosmetic, functional, facial shape and nose plastic surgery that enhances beauty and image.


                    Special AESTHETIC IMAGE Consulting Expertise Includes

         Experienced, specialist imaging consultation with computer analysis

to determine your problem,

your goals,

your concerns,

your needs,

your options,

your time frame,

your financial readiness

your special considerations and

answers to all your questions.


Clinical and critical AESTHETIC analysis of the nose and face at the time of the consultation.

Photography with computer Morphing and Imaging diagnosis of your nose is performed followed by discussion of your nose / face shape problem.


Critical and important pre-planning of your personal surgical procedure and surgical change recommendations, possibilities and options.


Proposed and recommended individual nose shape changes and/or chin augmentation and facial rejuvenation- if recommended.


Look younger and refreshed with an aesthetic improvement of your nose and facial image-the ultimate anticipated result of nose plastic surgery-(a facial plastic surgery procedure). There is no doubt that a nose job is the most youth enhancing, face surgical procedure you can have!


Do remember that even though rhinoplasty can be performed by any proficient surgeon with sufficient training, shaping a nose for a particular person is essentially an art form and a lasting aesthetic result depends on the experience, expertise and artistic eye for beauty of your surgeon.


          It's the eye of your surgeon for beauty and detail that really matters!


NosePlasty Benefits are:

  • Same Day Outpatient procedure with NO In-Hospital admission
  • No General Anaesthetic 
  • Low Stress, Safe 'Conscious Sedation' by a Specialist Anaesthetist for twilight sleep during surgery.
  • Nose Shaping is an Individually pre-planned, surgical procedure with the goal to attain the desired and optimal cosmetic nose and/or face shape change.   
  • Performed with precise, atraumatic, microsurgical methodology.
  • State-of-the-art technology and superbly trained surgical assistant staff.
  • Minimally invasive, affordable, sophisticated, painless and elegant surgical methodology to:

    •                       minimize stress and swelling
    •                       render the entire experience safe and comfortable
    •                       facilitate the cosmetic nose shape change
    •                       diminish post operative bruising and swelling
    •                       enhance rapid recovery
    •                       make the nose shaping experience as pleasant as possible.


 Imaging photography (also in 3-D) can be arranged if you are at a distance from Clinic.

                 Call 0027 825751988 today for a consultation appointment or


                                   Contact Us by email for an appointment!

      (If you need to have your rhinoplasty in Europe South Africa or USA, contact us 

       for referral to elite surgeons trained in the noseplasty surgical method in your 







  • What is rhinoplasty or nose job or plastic surgery of the nose, or as we call the innovative and highly skilled, surgical method Noseplasty? 

   In essence it is plastic surgery of the nose performed by expertly trained, super

   specialized nose surgeons to reshape, reduce, augment and refine the shape of a

   person’s nose and to apply aesthetic principles that beautify the total look of the      


  • What is Noseplasty? Noseplasty is the name we have given to our nose plastic surgery procedure that is performed according to a sophisticated, unique and minimally invasive, surgical methodology performed in combination with the advanced Conscious Sedation anaesthetic technique.
  • Nose tip surgery is particularly important in nose shaping for all noses but especially in the African and Asian ethnic groups. NosePlasty expertise is applied to all nose rhinoplasty surgery which includes revision rhinoplasty, nose tip rhinoplasty, nose hump removal and nose shaping. Every person's nose is different and everyone and every race has a different concept of beauty and noseplasty surgeons are keenly aware of these differences and design their surgery accordingly. NosePlasty Ciinic specialises in African nose tip narrowing and reduction and in non-surgical nose shaping.
  • Racial diversity demands that surgeons are sensitive to every person's nose change expectations and to their ideas of beauty. We find this is especially important in celebritie's nose jobs whose careers depend on their facial appearance and who anticipate and expect to look younger following nose shaping change. There is no doubt that a successful rhinoplasty is the most youth enhancing facial surgical procedure you can have!
  • NosePlasty Clinic offers the possibility for you to have your face and nose photographic imaging with analysis done in London (UK), Athens, Mykonos or South Africa (or elsewhere at your choice) and have your rhinoplasty surgery in the UK, South Africa, Austria, Greece or the USA by surgeons trained in the noseplasty surgery method. By appointment only Contact us at NosePlasty Clinic
  • Virtual Consultation by e-mailing your photographs to us and requesting a Computer Generated Imaging of your nose and face to virtually depict computer generated surgical results (actual results may differ). Our image consultant or surgeon will review them and respond. A personal consultation can then be programmed if you wish to have one.
  • Nose surgery is a particularly complex specialty because, for successful cosmetic nose surgery the surgeon has to be artistic, meticulous, precise, have a 3-dimensional imagination and be sensitive to the desires of his/her patient. No one is born with mastery of these fields. It takes careful study and years of experience to get a real grasp of this complex field of surgery. NosePlasty Clinic clients can benefit from more than 30 years of surgical experience.
  • NosePlasty Clinic surgeons are ideally trained in more than one specialty-one of these being in internal nasal surgery (Otorhinolaryngology), in order to be able to deal with the complexities of internal nasal problems such as septal perforation, septal deviation and internal nasal valve narrowing. Our experienced nose job surgeon is able to deal with these internal nasal problems without having to rely on the assistance of an ear, nose and throat surgeon. This is especially important in cases that need the harvesting of septal cartilage for nose grafting and in cases that need nose internal valve surgery to stop snoring or eliminate nose obstruction problems.



                                                Mr. John-Calinikos 

Applies his artistic talent and surgical skills to create a nose that improves the aesthetics of the person’s face and which compliments the ethnic beauty and racial identity of each person. To achieve high standards he uses surgical techniques with precision instruments and pays attention to detail. He may have to remove a nose hump, narrow nostril width, refine the tip of the nose, change the angle between the nose and the lip, shorten or lengthen the nose, correct nasal passage problems (such as deviated nasal septum, a crooked nose or mid-vault narrowing, thereby stopping snoring and breathing difficulty), reduce flared nostrils, augment a receding chin; all in order to aesthetically improve the nose, to balance the nose-face relationship and in certain cases improve nose function. Many of these procedures are used in African and Asian nose shaping.

As the nose shape defines facial beauty, Mr. John-Calinikos takes great care to balance the shape of the nose with the contours of the face in order to enhance and optimise facial beauty. In some cases chin augmentation is necessary to achieve this balance and this is especially true in many African nose jobs and Afro-American nose rhinoplasties. Rhinoplasty surgery for Asian ethnicities is often similar to Afro-American nose jobs because the anatomy of the nasal cartilages is often similar.

Undergoing nose shaping surgery is an emotional and psychological experience for the patient and Mr. John-Calinikos is very well aware of this and understands and respects the apprehension that people have when they decide to have their nose shape changed. He will outline the achievable goals for you that are practical and directed to satisfying your personal, ethnic and familial identity.

To change the shape of the nose is not the primary goal of cosmetic nose surgery. To rejuvenate the face and and to enhance beauty by shaping the nose is the goal. Mr. John-Calinikos often says 'change the shape of the nose; thereby change the personality and change the destiny of the person'!
Rhinoplasty is generally acknowledged by surgeons as being the most difficult of any elective, surgical procedure because it requires the surgeon to be meticulous in the surgical combination of aesthetics and function.
Mr. JOHN CALINIKOS FRCS(Edin) UK.  AAFPRS (USA) is currently in charge of professional IMAGING OF THE FACE AND NOSE which is a pre requisite for all plastic facial surgery. Please book your appointment for imaging via our contact us site prior to consulting your surgeon.



         Elegance, Expertise and Safety in Noseplasty (rhinoplasty) Surgery

                                 -dubbed 'The Queen of Rhinoplasty'


For rhinoplasty to qualify as Noseplasty the following essential criteria have to be adhered to and followed by surgeons trained in the Noseplasty method:-

  • Outpatient procedure (same day in and out). There is no in-patient hospital admission.
  • Super Specialised surgeon and anaesthetist team trained in their field of expertise.
  • Surgical theatre assistant staff trained for this advanced surgical method.
  • Conscious sedation, a painless and safe, advanced method of 'anaesthesia' This is a 'twilight' anaesthesia, combined with regional anaesthetic block of the nerve fibres of the nose. This method is becoming ever more popular worldwide because of its exceptional advantages. Conscious sedation is the modern, elegant, method of pain free sedation with a rapid post operative recovery. This sedation is accompanied by continuous, electronic brain wave monitoring of the level of consciousness. (NosePlasty Clinic is a major proponent of this advanced method).
  • No general anaesthetic with all its attendant risks, complications and high costs. (see Blogs)
  • Surgery is performed with 2.5X magnification (microsurgery) with especially designed, precision, nasal surgery instruments.
  • Suction is never used on the delicate nasal tissues during the surgery as it promotes unnecessary tissue injury, bleeding and post operative swelling. 
  • Coagulation or electro cautery (to stem bleeding) is never used on the delicate tissues of the nose because it causes unnecessary tissue injury with post operative scarring and swelling. (Bleeding during the noseplasty surgical technique is in any event, minimal. The usual total blood loss is often less than from a molar tooth extraction.)
  • High-tech, synthetic, cotton fibre-free, surgical gauze is used to control the minimal bleeding that occurs with this technique. (Cotton fibre swabs which are generally used in most clinics can deposit fibres on the delicate, surgically exposed nose tissue and cause scarring with unpredictable cosmetic results).
  • Private, dedicated, nasal plastic surgery facilities are used wherever possible, thereby avoiding the possibility of hospital, bacterial cross infections, which are common in general hospitals and clinics. (A nasal infection can ruin a rhinoplasty)

       The methodology (researched and pioneered at NoseClinic in South Africa)

        is rapidly being emulated by expert surgeons at elite clinics in Europe and



     Call 0027 825751988 (not always available) for information, photographic

     imaging, analysis and consultation appointment.

    Contact Us for an e-mail appointment or for special promotional offers on

    Facial Imaging or Body Imaging 

    and information on

    Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation, Rhinoplasty and Advanced Methods of 

    Body Contour and Weight Control. We have clients who are over 75 years of 

    age who look and have the physical mobility and ability of 55 year old!

    Details and references available on application. Email info@noseplasty.com



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