When you have rhinoplasty at NosePlasty Clinic you pay primarily for the surgical skill, expertise and experience of the surgeon and anaesthetist and not for extras which are unimportant to the result of the rhinoplasty.


It has been calculated that by eliminating the costs of expensive general anaesthesia and in-patient hospitalisation costs, the price of world class 'noseplasty' surgery is substantially lower than equivalent rhinoplasty surgery procedure in most first world countries. There are also other cost saving ways that we employ without compromising our exceptionally high surgical standards.


We are often asked about the cost of noseplasty (rhinoplasty) at NosePlasty Clinic.

Aesthetic surgery has no fixed price.

Nose aesthetic surgery is a highly individual procedure and the surgery and cost is therefore also highly individual. The surgery is performed by highly skilled surgeons with many years of experience in rhinoplast surgery (and in other related surgical fields) with first class equipment and facilities.


We maintain the highest quality in all our efforts. If our costs are lower than other surgeons or clinics it's not because we have cut corners in any way. We do limit the cost of rhinoplasty by the methods explained below, but we do not compromise on standard.


There is no such thing as a cheap price for world class surgery!

When we are cheaper than most world class surgeons and clinics it's because of cost limiting services which we pass onto you the client and most of these are ultimately and cumulatively very advantageous to you from a medical, surgical and cost point of view! The cheapest surgery can have is when its done only once. correctly and efficiently and for the right reason with a good result.


1. How we Limit the Cost of Rhinoplasty.         

  • The surgery is tailored to the requirement of what needs to be done and very often a simple nose surgery procedure (or non-surgical augmentation) can satisfy the aesthetic requirements. The price of the 'noseplasty' surgery is proportional to the nose shape changes requested and to the complexity of the procedure in relation to these requests. Surgery is limited and tailored to only what needs to be performed to satisfy the aesthetic changes requested. Often a so called 'closed' surgical approach may be sufficient to attain the aesthetic result desired, where an 'open', expensive approach may not be necessary.


  • No in-hospital patient hospitalization results in massive cost saving for the patient. Another major advantage of non-hospitalization is the avoidance of in-hospital bacterial wound infection-such as MRS and Clostridium, which are today ever present in hospitals and will ruin any rhinoplasty. Such an event can result in very expensive revision surgery.


  • No general anaesthesia which is very expensive in equipment and drugs. It is also physiologically overwhelming with a prolonged recovery time compared to conscious sedation. Most nose jobs in the world today are still being done with general anaesthesia. This is mainly for the convenience of the surgeons. Special techniques and training is required in performing nose surgery without general aneasthesia.  NosePlasty Clinic surgeons are of the opinion that general anaesthesia for cosmetic nose change is, in the vast majority of cases not necessary, preferable or even optimal! See Blogs


  • Ultra safe, effective , inexpensive and efficient conscious sedation anaesthesia. State-of-the-art patient monitoring equipment for ultimate patient safety and comfort is mandatory with conscious sedation. We use continuous, electro-encephalographic brain wave monitoring to assess the level of consciousness together with heart (ECG), blood oxygen and respiration monitoring. This makes conscious sedation very safe and cost effective and the specialist anaesthetist is also computer guided to use minimal doses of drugs for the desired effect. (The safety, efficiency and effectiveness of this method has been developed, researched and used in thousands of cases by the NoseClinic.)


  • No expensive, hospitalisation and general hospital surgery theatre fees. 'Noseplasty' is performed in compact theatres dedicated solely to nose surgery. Exclusive surgical facilities for nasal surgery, used by NosePlasty Clinic results in surgical theatre costs which are much lower than in general hospital's surgical theatres.


  • No unnecessary, surgical theatre staff. Staff is limited to a Specialist anaesthetist, a specialist surgical assistant and a specially trained theatre sister. This reduces the cost of unnecessary surgical staff.


  • Super-efficient surgical methodology, which does away with unnecessary, expensive. general theatre apparatus and equipment.


  • Same day out-patient surgery. Walk in and then Walk out after the rhinoplasty. Same-day surgery allows all patients to go home with their new nose shape the same day. There is no need for an expensive, extra recovery or intensive care room. You recover fully in the surgical theatre with all the safety equipment in the presence of the specialist aneasthetist, the surgeon and the theatre staff. You walk out of the theatre when you are fully conscious.


  • Return to work (if you wish) within a day or two thereby saving you time and preventing loss of earnings.


  • Super specialized clinic staff which translates into maximum efficiency at lower running costs for the clinic.


  • Current very favourable currency exchange rate conversions in the South African clinic results in massive cost savings for overseas clients with foreign currencies.


  • The cost of the rhinoplasty surgical procedure at NosePlasty Clinic is not reduced (and may in certain cases be higher than charges by other surgeons and clinics), but overall you score massive savings by having a 'noseplasty' technique procedure with conscious sedation at NosePlasty Clinic.


  • The total cost of in-hospital general anaesthetic, surgical theatre with an in-theatre recovery room and intensive care room, in-patient hospitalisation, with the required staff, etc very often exceeds the cost of the rhinoplasty surgery procedure! All these are unnecessary costs which you, the patient has to bear if you are an in-patient and have general anaesthesia.



* If you are an overseas client/patient to South Africa see Rhinoplasty from a Distance and benefit as to how you can have world-class 'tip of the nose' or 'revision nose shape improvement' at costs that are significantly lower than in equivalent clinics in Western Europe and USA.


2. Professional consultation and photography with computer imaging for all nasal cosmetic surgery procedures. 

  • All clients have their noses professionally photographed from different angles and are then given the opportunity to preview their photographs with computer screen imaging. These images are used in the surgical theatre for the surgeon's guidance. See Consultations
  • International clients are offered the opportunity of having photographic imaging with the latest advance in nose surgery imaging, performed by appointment in London. They can then discuss their pre-surgery and anticipated post-surgery nose shape appearance with the surgeon or image consultant and can also be guided by the imaging expert or surgeon as to what is surgically possible and what to expect.
  • People who contemplate nose shape change, can e-mail their photographs to NosePlasty Clinic for the surgeon's opinion* prior to making their decision. NosePlasty Clinic have the photographs morphed and analysed by surgeons or/or professional imaging consultants and then email a reply together with the morphed photographic imaging*. The client can then decide if they want to consider having a nose shaping procedure. They are at all times under no obligation to NosePlasty Clinic or it's surgeons and can freely choose where and with whom to have their surgery. See Rhinoplasty from a Distance *Fees apply for this service


3. Use of unique noseplasty surgical techniques together with specially          designed rhinoplasty surgical instruments.

  • Precise, micro-surgical instrumentation to attain the highest degree of surgical perfection in the shaping and sculpturing of the cartilaginous and bony structures of the nose. This adds to efficiency thereby reducing theatre time and costs.
  • 2.5X magnification for all nose-shaping procedures. This enhances the precision of the surgery because millimeter surgical changes are important in nose shaping.
  • Protection of the delicate nasal tissues from unnecessary tissue injury during the nasal surgery. This is achieved during surgery by: non-use of electro-cautery and non-use of suction on the surgically exposed tissues of the nose.               Special high-tech fibre-less gauze is used instead of the usual surgical cotton gauze. (Microscopic fibres from cotton gauze can remain in the nasal tissues and cause a foreign body reaction).                                                                    This protection from unnecessary tissue injury from cautery, suction and fibres is most important and results in a smooth, optimum, rapid, non-inflammatory healing with a marked reduction of post-surgical scarring and swelling.


4. Super-specialized surgeons dedicated to rhinoplasty, who deal at the same time as the cosmetic surgical procedure, with internal nasal valve or septal obstruction problems which is often needed to prevent and/or to stop snoring and sleep disturbances.

  • NosePlasty Clinic surgeon - Mr. John Calinikos, is super-specialised in rhinoplasty and chin shaping augmentation and does not perform general plastic procedures such as breast surgery, tummy tuck, face lift, liposuction, blepharoplasty, lip augmentation, 'Botox' etc. Mr. Calinikos does not dilute his focus and surgical expertise by performing the variety of procedures that general plastic surgeons perform. We do not believe that any one surgeon can be a master surgeon in a variety of plastic surgical procedures.
  • NosePlasty Clinic surgeons deal only with facial plastic surgery aesthetics related to the nose and chin. These procedures result in making you look younger. In many surveys that have been conducted it is estimated that the apparent age difference (after rhinoplasty), is appearing to be about eight years younger.
  • In many cases rhinoplasty also involves internal nose surgery and in about 30% of cases there is a necessity for this to be done in order to prevent or stop snoring and sleep disturbances.
  • Expertise in multi-Ethnic, Afro-American, Asian and Chinese rhinoplasties. The flagship NosePlasty Clinic, situated near the tip of Africa has extensive experience in multi-racial/ethnic nasal surgery-African, Indian, Mediterranean, Asian and Far Eastern rhinoplasty. See Ethnic rhinoplasty
  • Chin shaping is done at the same time with rhinoplasty. If you have an undersized chin you could benefit aesthetically by having chin augmentation. An undersized chin causes an optical illusion of an over sized nose and rhinoplasty may play only a part in the correction plan of improving the facial profile. Often having a chin implant will balance the face and result in a strong profile without having to have a major or sometimes any change to the nose shape. Generally, in order to look younger the nose should not be large if the chin is recessed and often African profiles require chin shaping implants when they have nose bridge augmentation. It's all a matter of aesthetics!


5. At NosePlasty Clinic you are never on your own.

  • The NosePlasty Clinic experience is a very personal one and Mr. John-Calinikos, the associated surgeons, staff and public relations understand the emotional and psychological stresses associated with nose aesthetic surgery. Clients are encouraged to ask questions. See Frequently Asked Questions.
  • During the pre- and post-operative periods our client liaison officer and professional image consultant will be in constant touch with you and able to assist you with problems that might arise.
  • After the completion of your surgery the superbly trained plastic surgery image consultant (who has had four years of training in live surgery rhinoplasty and clinical aesthetic morphing), will be able to give you, at your request, personal attention and advice. The fields that she can advise you on include facial and nose shape aesthetics, total makeover, face care, skin care, nasal care, eye and face make up, body care, weight loss, body toning, nutritional and physical care, dress, hairstyle, hair colour, nutrition, supplementation and products to use. (There is a charge for these image enhancing services).  
  • In order to optimize your new look you can benefit from a total change which will complement and enhance your new face and your total appearance! We encourage clients to change their image and thereby attain improved confidence.
  • Our focus is on the attainment of world - class results with the minimum amount of stress, maximum safety and with respect for the privacy and anonymity of all NosePlasty Clinic clients. 


6. Publication of Photographs before and after surgery.

  • NosePlasty Clinic has a general policy to not publish 'before' and 'after' surgery photographic results. We are very cautious about protecting the anonymity of our patients. We have high profile patients that are very sensitive about their privacy and our policy protects their anonymity. We respect their desire for privacy and we don't embarrass them by asking for their permission to publish their photo-graphs on our website.
  • Websites that publish photographs of 'before' and 'after' surgery don't always give a true representation of their overall results. Only their best surgical results are probably and usually selected for publication and their 'poor' or 'mediocre' surgical results are never published. This leads to a misleading representation of the true overall picture of their results. No surgeon can consistently produce only 'perfect' facial aesthetic results and yet we have never seen the publication of post surgery results that are not near perfect. Another serious disadvantage of the published images is that sites usually don't publish all side, front, and base photographic views. There is also the question of privacy and anonymity which most patients wish to retain.
  • We always advise our clients to be realistic in their expectations and to look for improvement rather than to seek 'perfection'. Nasal surgery does not imply turning an ugly duckling into a swan! If the facial proportions however are good, then changing an ugly nose into a well shaped, aesthetically correct nose certainly goes a long way into beautifying a face. If we have a client that seeks a 'perfect' nose then they are usually disappointed and we advise them not to have nose cosmetic surgery.The prudent surgeon will always, in cosmetic nasal surgery, balance the risk of the surgery with the expected reward. Artistic and surgical experience is crucial in the achievement of the anticipated result.



Surgical interventions today are dependent on high technology, specialised instrumentation, modern anaesthesiology, radiology, ultrasound, computers, fibre-scopes, 3D-digital photography and modern lighting. Because of the complexity of surgical procedures doctors today have super specialised in different fields and even in different branches of the same field. For example in orthopaedics, today there are super-specialists doing only knee surgery or only hip surgery or only back (spinal) surgery. These super specialists are surgeons who have had extensive, background surgical training with many years of experience and who have undergone super-specialist training and have also studied for post graduate surgical degrees.


It is impossible for a general plastic or facial surgeon to cover all fields of plastic surgery with equal proficiency. For that reason surgeons today elect to super specialise. Also, all surgeons do not to have artistic talent, which is a pre-requisite for successful facial beauty surgery and in the appreciation of multi-ethnic beauty. Today there are plastic surgeons who specialise in facial surgery and others in hand surgery, others in eye-lid surgery, face lift surgery, head and neck surgery, breast implant surgery or nose surgery, etc. These super-specialised surgeons are elite surgeons in their dedicated field, are mostly in the USA and are referred to as ‘master surgeons’ in their selected field. The surgeons of NosePlasty Clinic have followed the trend and have super specialised in nose, facial plastic, cosmetic surgery.



 Rhinoplasty or 'Noseplasty'?


Rhinoplasty’ is a medical word derived from the Greek ‘rhino’, which means ‘nose’, and ‘plasty’ from the Greek ‘plassein’ which means ‘to form’. Many people, especially of the younger generation who have not been exposed to classical languages, are not aware of, or even used to this medical terminology- (the Shorter Oxford Dictionary does not even list the word 'rhinoplasty’), and for that reason people today use the words ‘nose job’. They feel more comfortable with ‘nose job’ as they know and understand the concept of what it means. They realise that a 'nose job' in nose cosmetic surgery is actually a 'plastyof the nose. 'Nose Job' has been colloquially accepted, even by plastic surgeons. 'Noseplasty' is a far more elegant and descriptive word for an elegant nose shaping procedure.

'Nosplastik' is the word for 'rhinoplasty' in Swedish!


Noseplasty’ is descriptive terminology, which common folk who want to have nose shaping or a ‘nose job or ‘rhinoplasty’ can easily remember. The term 'noseplasty' was coined and first used in 2008 by Dr. John-Calinikos to describe a sequence of advantageous, advanced protocols that are followed in all NosePlasty Clinic nose shaping procedures. New words are added to the English vocabulary every day. This modern descriptive terminology humanizes medical jargon and the ‘man-in-the street’ easily understands it.


The question arises: Why undergo rhinoplasty when you can have 'noseplasty'-the ultra-safe, pain free, advanced, highly skilled, high technology, super specialised surgery which demands every modern standard which benefits you?


'NosePlasty Clinic' and Dr. John-Calinikos are the registered owners of the term or word "noseplasty" and "NosePlasty".

NosePlasty Clinic has also launched 'noseplasty surgical method' as the 'Qeeen of Rhinoplasty".


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