Nose Job is internationally known as 'ринопластика' or 'rhinoplastia' or 'neseplastik' or 'noseplasty'



  • Today families in 1st world countries often spend more each year on beauty than they spend on education. Such spending is not mere vanity. Being attractive, or just not being ugly, confers enormous advantages. The Economist Newspaper (UK) in 2003 published that "Attractive people, (both men and women) are judged to be more intelligent and better in bed; they earn more and they are more likely to marry."


  • Today a beautiful and appealing face (in men and women) is very important in most walks of life and it can be especially attractive to the opposite sex. Studies with thousands of candidates conducted in the USA have shown that for men, female physical attractiveness is top of the list in mating preferances. Psychologists have determined that a woman's good looks are very often exchangeable for money, love, business selection and social position.


  • Today of all the plastic surgery procedures performed to enhance the beauty or youthfulness of a the face, rhinoplasty is by far the most obvious, permanent and long lasting. A face-lift, nasal augmentation, liposuction, blepharoplasty and ‘Botox’ are transient improvements that have to be regularly repeated, whereas a rhinoplasty is a permanent changeNot only that, but rhinoplasty produces a more youth enhancing change in facial features than any other facial plastic surgery procedure! It other words it’s the best facial, plastic surgery investment that you can make!  See Noseplasty Clinic Surgery



  • Today because of so many recent medical, surgical and technological advances, almost anyone can acquire an aesthetic, natural looking nose, without pain and with no great hassle at NosePlasty Clinic


  • Today at NosePlasty Clinic your nose can be changed within hours in a spa like environment into a nose you'll love to live with. The experience is accessible to anyone who wants to have an improvement to their nose, no matter how slight, because our surgeons attend to detail and strive to obtain great, natural looking results.


  • Today at NosePlasty Clinic specialist cosmetic nose surgery is a combination of art, digital photography, image manipulation, science, technology, experience and surgical skill.


  • Today at NosePlasty Clinic gone are the days of unpleasant experiences such as hospitals with sick patients, over night admissions, doctors, nurses, anaesthetic gases, post oparation nausea and vomitig, sore throat and painful discomfort. Because cocaine solution is used for anaesthesia some patients even enjoy the 'high'. See Conscious Sedation


  • Today there is no stress, anxiety and doubt as to what your new nose could look like because you will be shown by advanced computer simulation what your nose could look like*, and you will be asked to agree and accept the simulated, proposed changes before proceeding.

* Computer graphic or photographic simulations are not a guarantee of what your nose

   could or would look like after surgery.


  • Today the knowledge and understanding of advanced rhinoplasty techniques are getting more refined every day and specialized rhinoplasty techniques are more advanced then ever before. That said, quality results are also more predictable than ever before, but it still takes surgical skill and artistry, sensibility and compassion, to achieve natural looking noses. See The Surgeon


  • Today at NosePlasty Clinic's advanced nose surgery, the finest surgical instruments are used to cut, shape and sculpture the cartilaginous and bony structures of the nose. The clinic surgeons use magnification with all rhinoplasty procedures, in order to attain the highest degree of surgical perfection.


  • Today at NosePlasty Clinic a specialist rhinoplasty surgeon is a master technician with an artistic 3 dimensional concept of beauty with a critical, analytic eye. In rhinoplasty as in chess, it is the thought process before the manipulation of the tissues that is crucial to the aesthetic success of rhinoplasty surgery. The difference of results in nose surgery is not only surgical skill, but also the mastery and understanding of art based on the analysis of every nose before it is operated on!


  • Today at NosePlasty Clinic you can have your nose surgically changed or refined with minimal surgical trauma which is pain free and with virtually no bleeding whilst you are induced into a safe, pleasant, dream-like twilight sleep by a highly trained specialist in intravenous, anaesthetic sedation. Whilst you are asleep you will be monitored with a variety of the latest hi-technology equipment, which even traces your brain waves during the surgical procedure. During the surgery a nose hump can be removed, the tip can be refined, the septum straightened, the nasal bones narrowed or a total revision surgery of the nose can be done. After 2-3 (or more) hours of surgical procedure you will awaken within a few minutes to the reality of a new nose shape.  See Dr. Calinikos


  • No expensive in-patient hospitalisation
  • No expensive general anaesthesia.
  • Same day surgery:-walk in and then walk out.
  • No expensive surgical and general theatre fees.
  • No expensive, unnecessary, surgical theatre staff.
  • Super efficient surgical methodology, which does away with unnecessary surgical methods, which employ tissue damaging cautery and suction and extra, unnecessary equipment.
  • Ultra safe and efficient, computer monitored, conscious sedation, which minimizes the use of overwhelming and expensive drugs and anaesthetic medication.
  • State-of-the-art digital patient monitoring equipment.
  • Rapid recovery making it possible to return to work within days, saving time and lost earnings.
  • Surgical costs limited in proportion to only what needs to be performed.
  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures performed in consultation clinic.
  • Favourable currency exchange rate conversions in South Africa. The nose plastic surgical procedures are on par with the best surgical clinics in the world but the cost is only a fraction of their charges.


  • Today at NosePlasty Clinic you can also take advantage of our ‘whole body image’ scheme. The clinic fashion and makeover coordinator and image consultant can by appointment, advise female and male clients on all methods to enhance their total appearance and image. (Courtesy of Ms. D. Kowen of 'DK Afrique Fashions' and ‘DK Makeover’ fame and who, because of her extraordinary experience in nose surgery imaging is also the Public Relations and Liaison Officer)


  • Today NosePlasty Clinic receives enquiries from around the world-United Kingdom, Greece, USA, Switzerland and all parts of Africa. There is no need to fly to New York or Harley Street where the costs are comparitavely  astronomically higher than at NosePlasty Clinic. See rhinoplasty from a Distance


  • Today if you have a genetic nasal or other nasal problem that we feel should be handled by a world authority in that particular field, we do not hesitate to refer you to a world expert in that particular problem who may be able to help you


  • Today we often have agreements with surgeons in South Africa, Greece, UK, Austria and USA trained in the Noseplasty methodology that we can refer you to if you are unable to have your rhinoplasty at NosePlasty Clinic in South Africa.


  • Today at NosePlasty Clinic the saying that ‘a journey of a thousand miles starts with just one step' is very apt!  Contact us for an appointment.


  • NosePlasty Clinic has assumed the brand and title 'Noseplasty-The Queen of Rhinoplasty' because it expresses its elegant, surgical methodology. (April 2013)
  •                                                                                                            BEWARE: Noseplasty Clinic- Name Copies and "nose surgeons" who Brag Bluff and Bullshit about their credentials, qualifications training and experience!


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