In today's competitive world attractiveness has become more important than ever before. Younger looking makes you more desirable in work and in play.


Aesthetic sense and the concept of beauty varies across different epochs, cultures and ethnicities but there are certain criteria and mathematical rules of proportion that ever since their establishment by ancient Greek civilization, have remained valid until today as the accepted 'Golden Standard' of beauty.


  • Statistical evidence suggests that more than 7 out of 10 people do not have noses that meet with the Golden Standard of beauty and proportionality laid down by artists, and more than 4 out of 10 women believe their nose could do with some improvement!


  • Because of the tremendous medical, technological and surgical advances that have taken place in the last decade, the aspirations of millions of people seeking body and facial aesthetic improvement has now become affordable and a reality. Nose tip surgery and nose shaping nose jobs are mostly requested by celebrities of stage and screen.


  • Rhinoplasty (nose-job or noseplasty) is generally acknowledged by facial plastic surgeons as being the pinnacle of cosmetic surgery. It does more to enhance a youthful appearance, improve facial aesthetics and making you look younger than any other facial, plastic surgery procedure. (This includes surgery for face lift, brow lift, blepharoplasty, eye lift and fillers.) A successful rhinoplasty beautifies the face and is definitely youth enhancing.


  • It is also acknowledged that rhinoplasty is the most demanding and difficult facial surgery to perform successfully. It is also the most unforgiving for any result imperfection. No other cosmetic facial surgery procedure is as demanding of the surgeon's skills, talent and aesthetic values. All other plastic surgery imperfections can be camoflagued or hidden by make up or clothing, but the nose, because of its prominent, central, dominant, facial position and because it defines facial beauty, cannot be camouflagued or hidden!


  • People seeking aesthetic improvement are usually special. Special in that they have the vision, enthusiasm and commitment to improve their appearance and image. But many often cannot afford the high costs associated with plastic surgery. See Looking for a Nose Job


The NosePlasty Clinic's surgeon, with years of international experience, training and recognition in Europe, USA, United Kingdom and South Africa is super-specialised, focussed and committed solely to the practice of rhinoplasty according to the above mentioned Golden Standards of beauty.

See Historical Nasal Beauty


In striving for excellence, which is never a foregone conclusion, NosePlasty Clinic combines human, surgical artistry with the very latest medical equipment and facilities in order to facilitate the achievment of excellence. The surgical facilites are equipped with state of the art equipment, photographic imaging and sophisticated monitoring equipment, which ensure the highest standard of surgery and safety. The surgery is performed elegantly and virtually bloodlessly because of specialised state of the art equipment together with elite surgical and anaesthetic techniques. See Conscious Sedation.


  • NosePlasty Clinic takes advantage of these advances which today makes it possible for super-specialised surgeons to do nasal surgery safer and with more predictable results then ever before.
  • NosePlasty Clinic aims to 'democratise' rhinoplasty and make it available to people who are unable to afford the very high costs of nose cosmetic surgery because of the high cost of in patient-hospitalisation and general anaesthesia, administration and currency inflation.


NosePlasty Clinic is today able to offer world class rhinoplasty where often a small nose shape or nose tip change can produce significant aesthetic improvement. This is particularly relevant to the African ethnic group who wish to retain the aesthetic values of their ethnicity. The cost of these small surgical nose shape changes reduces the cost of rhinoplasty surgery quite significantly.


The venues where the surgery and consultations of NosePlasty Clinic take place are generally situated wherever possible in verdant, tree-lined areas where one senses the pursuit of elegance, beauty and perfection. This Spa-like environment is psychologically soothing and relaxing and is important in relieving tension and apprehension in preparation for surgery. In countries, where this type of environment is not accessible, NosePlasty Clinic is established in up-market, sophisticated areas.


The nursing staff, office and advisory personnel are experienced and committed to NosePlasty Clinic's ethos of elegance, beauty, simplicity and perfection-all at affordable cost.


The after care and advice offered to clients by professional skin, beauty and image consultants follow these criteria and encourage a psychological image change which promotes charm, confidence and image up-liftment. Appointments can be arranged at Contact Us.



NosePlasty Clinic hopes that we can help you attain your desire to look younger and more beautiful and at the same time Save Costs



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