• With 'Virtual Consultations from a Distance' you can take advantage of modern communications and have a virtual consultation with our surgeon Mr. John-Calinikos by e-mailing and attaching photographs of your nose with-
  1. whole face in profile (both sides-left side and right side),
  2. a full, close up, frontal view of your face,
  3. oblique views of your face (right and left),
  4. a close up photograph of the base (underside) of your nose. Tilt your head well back and have someone photograph the nose from below,
  5. make a note (or in our Message Box) describing what you notice about your nose that you dislike and what and how you want to have it changed and optimized.
  6. See Contact Us. Disclaimer & Terms and Conditions Apply.
  • Take the photographs with the standard 50mm lens of your camera (or better still, with a 60-100mm lens) from a distance of about 2 meters and fill the camera viewer with your face. For the base of nose shot get up close to the nose. Take photographs in natural daylight if you can or with flash only if necessary. Most digital cameras today will auto focus and auto expose so it’s quite simple to take good photographs. (Mobile phone cameras are most times inadequate in detail but may be acceptable). You also need to provide us with details of your age, sex, medical history and of previous nasal surgery (where applicable). If you have had previous surgery, tell us when and where and what was done. If your surgeon can provide us with detail, this will be very helpful.
  • E-mail and attach photographs to your e-mail and send to NosePlasty Clinic ( (together with photographs taken before any nasal surgery you may have had.) * There are special offers in our Contacts for United Kingdom citizens.
  • NosePlasty Clinic imaging specialist will at nominal pre-payment charge-(£50) *, evaluate your photos and e-mail you back, giving you his professional analysis and recommendations. There may be a digital simulation of your pictures to show what nose shape change is possible. Please mark subject on your email: ‘virtual consultation’. * Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions Apply. *This is not a medical consultation and there are no refunds. * There are special offers for United Kingdom Citizens in our Contacts.
  • If our surgeon can assess from your email and photographs that you are very likely to be a candidate for surgery, you will be able to schedule your live medical consultation date and also the surgery date (for the following day may be pre-arranged) if you wish to proceed to surgery. 
  • Most times and especially in cases of revision surgery, the surgeon will need to see you in person to determine whether he can indeed offer you a solution. You might therefore have to make a trip to the appointed consultation place (this can be in a selection of places where our consultants visit) to be evaluated, and if you and the surgeon you choose decide to proceed with surgery, the surgery can be scheduled. At present Mr. John-Calinikos does image consultations primarily in South Africa but also by appointmemnt in Greece, UK and Switzerland. All these arrangements can be made by email and telephone. See Contact Us
  • The surgeon will need to see you prior to and for one week after your operation. Most patients stay for one week to ten days and go home after being examined at their one-week after surgery appointment. In this period of about 7 days, you'll probably feel like getting out of the hotel the day after surgery and we recommend that you do so. There's plenty to do in South Africa and Greece and the NosePlasty Clinic staff can direct you with the help of your travel agent where to go for your once in a lifetime experiences.


It's also possible to return by road (if this is feasible) to your local residence a day or two after surgery (you are not allowed to fly for the first week post operation), and then pop back to the clinic for the one-week check-up. Our surgeon does not require that you return again after your one-week check-up; you can stay in contact by email and telephone. (If your surgery is via the open approach we prefer that you remain in the country for 10-12 days post surgery).


If you are prepared to travel a longer distance from your place of residence for nose plastic surgery, you have the opportunity to select an international surgeon (Mr. John-Calinikos) dedicated only to rhinoplasty surgery. By doing this you assume the small risk that some minor problem or irregularity in the healing will require that you be evaluated locally by your own doctor after you return home. This happens very rarely and even if it does, the surgeon can contact a medical colleague in your area, describe the situation, and have you seen locally by the doctor near you.

NosePlasty Clinic has patients who travel internationally for their nose surgery. You can select to have a consultation, imaging or surgery from our linked, Noseplasty Clinic trained surgeons in South Africa, Greece, Austria or the USA. See Contact Us.


Rhinoplasty Nose Job Cost at NosePlasty Clinic with Special Considerations.

  • Special Consideration is given to people who wish to undergo rhinoplasty but are reluctant to travel because they have priced the rhinoplasty procedure in their home country and think that the combined overall costs of their travel and surgery in a foreign country is beyond their reach.
  • NosePlasty Clinic understand that the combined costs of the rhinoplasty surgery in our clinic, including one-week accommodation that we can arrange, is most often less than the costs of the surgery in most first world countries. 
  • NosePlasty Clinic costs are generally considerably lower (especially in South Africa) because:
  1. We use conscious sedation which is much cheaper than general anaesthesia.
  2. We avoid in-hospital admission fees which are very expensive and unnecessary for nose surgery.
  3. The specialized clinic theatre fees are much lower than general hospital theatre fees.
  4. The elite surgical and nursing team costs are considerably cheaper than unnecessary general hospital staff costs. 
  5. There are most favourable foreign currency exchange rates in South Africa.
  6. NosePlasty Clinic have made it our mission to ‘democratize’ rhinoplasty and to keep costs affordable wherever possible. 
  7. We estimate that NosePlasty Clinic fees may on average are approximately 25%-30% lower than comparitive clinic surgical, hospital and aneasthetic fees in first world countries. However we emphasize that clients whose first priority is price, to please not rely on this as NosePlasty Clinic surgeons may suggest optimal changes that can result in cost that is higher in surgical fees than quoted elsewhere. 
  8. The savings of costs are the result of savings in the ancillary services and not necessarily in the price of the surgery. 
  9. When you Fly-In you also benefit from special foreign exchange rates and cash discounts.
  10. See About Us See Contact Us

Accommodation and Touring

The Clinic's Client Liaison coordinator can arrange and reserve (often via a travel agent) the accommodation you may require. The coordinator has extensive experience in arranging accommodation for clients travelling from Europe, USA and all parts of Africa. The amenities in South Africa can be of the highest standards and accommodation is varied from 5-Star hotels to serene, inexpensive guest houses. The coordinator can make all the arrangements for you to be accommodated near the Clinic. Your touring requirements can be organized and arranged (with the assistance of your preferred travel agent, if you wish) and you will be informed by email all you need to know. You may also prefer to be be referred to experienced local travel agents who can handle all your travel queries, enquiries and reservations.


Please contact us for your appointments, virtual consultation, Fly-In and all other arrangements by going to 'Contact us'


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