• At the completion of the surgery and within 10-15 minutes you will be fully conscious and able to walk to the recovery room bed where you will rest for a couple of hours and only be discharged when it is safe for you to go home or to your arranged accommodation.
  • Safe, painless before and after surgery with virtually no bleeding after the surgery. There could be a liitle oozing of blood onto the gauze swab strapped under your nose. There is some discomfort as the nasal passages are blocked for 24 hours with nasal packing (nasal packing is not always used). In some cases nasal packing is minimal and does not obstruct breathing. Slight swelling of the nose occurs and there may bruising around the eyes for about ten days, which quickly subsides with our medications and recommendations. The day after the surgery the nasal packing inside the nose is removed by the surgeon. 
  • If you are from out of town or from another country you can be accommodated in an hotel or secluded guest house (from 5 star to convenient residential hotels/or guest-houses) by arrangement with our reception or your travel agent. You are driven by the country house or hotel service and back to the clinic the next day. See Rhinoplasty from a Distance and Contact us.
  • Detailed written, post surgical instructions as to how to care for your new nose are given and impressed upon you. You may also be advised to use special ointments and barrier creams specially formulated by NosePlasty Clinic for the essential care of your nose. You are given the necessary medications, care and guidance according to instructions issued by the NosePlasty Clinic surgeon. If you wear spectacles special low weight frames should be used in order to alleviate any pressure on your nasal bridge for at least 6 months post surgery. For questions please go to Frequently Asked Questions. 


The ‘Magic Moment’ at NosePlasty Clinic.


  • A week later the nasal protective splint is removed and the nose shape change is exposedThis is when you are given a mirror to view the result. This is a very exciting moment, both for you and the surgeon. Your new image is revealed!


The ultimate result is seldom achieved in rhinoplasty. The goal is enhancement, not perfection of facial formA more appealing, natural appearance, even under stated, is the desire of most patients. A good rhinoplasty draws attention to the eyes, not the nose.”

Quote from world famous authority on rhinoplasty Dr. Robert Simons, New York. USA.


  • You will not be left on your own. You will always be able to discuss your result with the NosePlasty Clinic co-ordinater and the surgeon. Every nose job patient is special.
  • Our professional image make up, make-over dress and physical care consultant will be available to give you personal attention, reassurance and advice. It will take many months before the final result of the surgery will stabilise to it's final shape. In the meantime you will have time to improve your overall image. You will be able to get advice from our professional image consultants about facial and nose care, hairstyle, hair colour, eye make up, body care, products to use, weight loss, body toning and nutrition in order to optimize your new face with a total new look which will enhance and revitalize your total appearance. NosePlasty Clinic offers this unique personal service as we feel that our clients very often do need this professional care and advice. After your nose operation you will have a new 'you' image to care for. (There is a charge levied by the image professionals for their services.)


  • Change your Total Image! You Deserve it! You may be offered to purchase products especially formulated for NosePlasty Clinic. They have been extensively tested and are recommended for long term skin care of the nose and face in order to enhance and protect a wrinkle free, youthful face and nose. These products are competitively priced for clients of NosePlasty Clinic and are not available anywhere else. All products are formulated for our clients and can only be ordered and collected from NosePlasty Clinic.


Daphne Kowen

  • Public Relations and Professional Medical Assistant and Client coordinator to NosePlasty Clinic (Africa and Europe). She has had four years of clinical training in pre and post operative analysis of the nose and live nasal surgery procedures attendance in more than 100 cases. She is also a qualified fashion designer and co-ordinator with immaculate taste.
  • Expert in Imaging of digital photographs whereby clients can preview the cosmetic nasal changes achievable with the surgery.
  • Marketing Coordinator and Client Liaison Adviser to NosePlasty Clinic (Europe & Africa). See Rhinoplasty from a Distance.
  • Product Manager and Client Adviser to NosePlasty Clinic.
  • Professional Consultant for Facial Aesthetics, Fashion and Makeover.                Contact Us


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