European ideal nose-chin shape in lady profile. European male-prominent chin with balanced nose size.




First impressions do count!

On meeting somone for the very first time your senses reflexly detect, analyse and assess the body form, vitality, health, character and even fertility of the person you meet. There is an immediate survival reflex that we all posses and it is based on subtle impressions that your eyes see, your ears hear, your senses detact and your mind processes and concludes about their facial expression, their body 'language', their attitude, general appearance, manners, attitude and voice. This instantaneous, evolutionary, survival and protective reflex scans their eyes, their facial symmetry (or asymmetry) and the triangle of their face, which includes their eyes, nose, lips, skin and thereby determines their facial beauty or attractiveness.


Nothing has a greater initial impact on the perception of facial beauty than

the size, shape and form of the nose in relation to race, ethnicity and facial skeletal structure.


The observer's perception and understanding of aesthetics determines their judgement of face beauty.


Facial beauty and youthfulness is determined by the shape and size of the   nose in relation to the facial structure and size of the chin.


The nose determines the beauty of the face


Facial beauty is defined by the shape and size of the nose.

                                                       Mr. John-Calinikos


Because the nose is the most defining characteristic of the face, even a slight cosmetic improvement of the shape of the nose can greatly change your appearance, making you look younger and more attractive. This applies to every race and sex and at any age. Facial balance of the size of the nose with the chin is also very important and is often not considered by those looking to enhance their appearance by having a nose job.

  • If you are looking for a nose job you must be aware that rhinoplasty is an art form and that it is the most complex, complicated and probably the most expensive facial cosmetic surgery you can elect to undergo. A successful rhinoplasty can make you look younger, irrespective of your age or race (far more than a face lift, a brow lift or a blepharoplasty would do).
  • Every year thousands of people in developed and in developing countries all over the world seek to improve their appearance by having a rhinoplasty. Recent statistics in the USA have shown that rhinoplasty is the most sought after cosmetic procedure after breast implant, and the figures are growing from year to year.
  • Each nose is as different and unique and as individual as the face that bears it and each nose has a different skin type, a different cartilaginous form, a different skeletal form, a different plasticity, a different problem and a different healing and scarring response to surgery. There are multiple anatomical variables of each nose and each variable has to be expertly attended to by the surgeon performing the nose job. Each and every nose therefore demands a different surgical approach in order to achieve the cosmetic change that is desired. African-American rhinoplasty is approached differently than Asian, European or revision rhinoplasty surgery. This is becuase the anatomy of the African nose is different to the anatomy of an Asian or European nose.
  • The beauty criteria of different racial groups also differ.                      
  • A nose job done for a celebrity has to take into account that they are celebrities and their faces are scrutinised by the general public when they are in the spotlight. No rhinoplasty surgeon will give a guarantee of the result of their nose surgery, and this is especially true for the 'celebrity rhinoplasty nose' request. You might want to look like Kate Middleton but no surgeon can promise that the nose your surgeon sculpts for you will be a 'Kate Middleton' nose.
  • Each contemplated nasal surgery procedure has to be approached with a pre-operative, formulated ‘game plan’, which can change according to anatomical and surgical findings during the surgery. This will necessitate the experienced nose surgeon to modify or change his/her ‘game plan’ during the performance of the surgery in order to achieve the best or optimal aesthetic result. In rhinoplasty surgery there is no 'one fits all' or ‘cookie-cutter’ approach. Therefore the surgeon has to very often decide in the middle of the surgical procedure to change the pre-operative 'game plan' in order to maximise the probability of achieving the best, possible, aesthetic result. This is especailly true in revision rhinoplasty which is always more difficult to perform than a primary rhinoplasty. For that reason the rhinoplasty costs for a revision are generally higher.            
  • The surgeon has also to see the whole face in profile and face-on in order to balance the nose shape, size and prominenece with the chin size and height of each patient. 
  • Often very little has to be done in order to achieve a lot. On other occasions a lot has to be done to achieve only a small refinement. The surgeon's experience and expertise determines these surgical decisions.
  • This is where nose surgery, experience and artistic sense becomes so important. The delivery of excellent results is dependent on the surgeon’s focus and experience and his dedicated surgical expertise to nasal surgery art. However, the delivery of a 'perfect' result is impossible. Nature is beautiful, but on the other hand it's not 'perfect' !
  • Each and every surgical decision during the surgery to do something to the nose to improve its aesthetics or its function has a consequence, which may be beneficial or detrimental to the final shape of the nose. Each incision, each suture and the type of suture used; each tissue removal or replacement or modification has an aesthetic or nasal functional consequence. These surgical nuances cannot be learned by the surgeon who ‘sees one, does one and then teaches one’- an oft quoted medical, deriding quip amongst the medical fraternity, directed at surgeons who undertake to do rhinoplasty with limited experience and training.
  • The selection of the nose to be operated upon and the surgical expertise to improve the shape and function of the nose are art forms and can only be properly learned by years of special training and practice dedicated to the art of rhinoplasty. 
  • Successful rhinoplasty demands focus, dedication and super specialisation because:-


TODAY is the age of super-specialization and probably the best chance of a successful rhinoplasty outcome is most likely when it’s performed by a 'super-specialist'

who dedicates all his surgical time, experience and expertise to rhinoplasty. Even then, there is no guarantee of a so called 'perfect' result.


  • Regional Super Specialisation is today an integral part of medical practice. Just as doctors have limited themselves to pulmonary medicine, eye surgery or knee surgery, many have focused their practices on plastic and reconstructive surgery of the nose and face. Within this refined area of specialisation, further stratification exists. Even categorisation into cosmetic or reconstructive surgery fails to thoroughly describe and encompase the full scope of activity within facial plastic surgery.


  • Rhinoplasty is the most difficult of all facial aesthetic operations because:
  1. Nasal anatomy is very variable and the surgeon cannot rely on a 'one operation fits all' approach.
  2. The surgery must take into account the form and function of the nose that has to be corrected.
  3. The final result must conform to the the patient's expectations.            

Instinctively one's eyes are first drawn to the eyes and then to the nose, but a face can only be judged as beautiful when the nose is well shaped and in balance with the structure of the face! The challenge of every rhinoplasty surgeon as an artist is to achieve that goal!


  • Rhinoplasty produces a vivid change in facial features, more than any other facial plastic surgery procedure.                         
  • Proper patient selection is important because the patient must be psychologically prepared for the change. It must be realised that perfection is more of an idea than a reality. No surgeon in the world can promise perfection!


  • Noseplasty is the Queen of Rhinoplasty!



"Change the shape of the nose and thereby change the person's image 

  and personality and change their destiny!"

                                                Quote from Mr. John-Calinikos



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