NosePlasty Clinic Consultation with Photographic Analysis for all Aesthetic Nose Problems


  • A NosePlasty Clinic rhinoplasty consultation involves consultation with the surgeon who takes special interest in your particular problem.


  • Specific questions will probably be:

          -what problems do you have with the aesthetics of your nose?

          -shape, size, any nose blockage?

           past nose surgery and details?

           have you had injury to your nose?

          -what changes to your nose you would like to have?

          -you will be asked to mention and point out the specific nose shape problem that

           you are unhappy about,

          -height, weight, age, general and past medical health history is recorded.

          -you will be asked about habits such as alcohol, smoking, medication, 

           nutrient supplementation and sporting activity?

           substance abuse/tranquillizers/anti-depressants?

          -history of hepatitis and chronic illness

           all this information is important iand is recorded and considered in the planning

           of nose surgery.    


  • A manual and visual examination analysis of the nose and face is then performed by the surgeon.

          An examination of the internal nasal passages is done with specialized fibre-    

          optic lighting and where necessary endoscopes may be used. The shape, size,    

          cartilages, skeletal structure, nasal tip, nasal bridge, nasal and facial structure

          and angles are determined. The skin of the nose is examined and assessed as

          to its thickness and suitability for cosmetic surgery. (A thick, sebaceous type of

          skin is often not suitable for refined cosmetic shape improvement, as it fails to

          drape properly post-operatively, and may require laser therapy pre- or post- 

          surgery in order to attain a satisfactory cosmetic result) This type of skin is

          common in Africans


          At the consultation your surgeon will ascertain by touch and by sight what the  

          anatomical problems of the nose are and what has to be done in order to attain a

          good aesthetic result. At the same time he/she will make a pre-operative

          analysis in his/her mind called the “game plan” as to the surgery that is required 

          in order to achieve a successful result. Just like in a game of chess, the surgeon 

          does an early pre-analysis of the nose and then in his/her mind formulates an

          operative plan or surgical strategy.This is a crucial step in order for the surgeon 

          to plan the nose shape he/she anticipates to achieve.


  • A full colour, photographic recording of the nose and face is done in 6 views with professional photographic and/or video equipment.

          This requires specialized equipment and training in medical photography, so

          that nothing escapes the lens of the camera. In some instances 3-D images of               the face and nose may be performed. The photographic information reveals

          detail that the eye can easily miss by only looking at the nose.

          Quality photography of the nose and face is thefore an important record.


  • A computer analysis and imaging program is downloaded onto a computer screen and by means of this imaging program the photographic images of the nose can be shaped and altered to suit the aesthetics of your face.

          This computer simulation will show the possible changes that can be surgically

          performed to alter the shape of your nose. The surgeon or photographic assistant

          will demonstrate by morphing the photographic images, the changes to your nose           that are aesthetically optimal and that could be surgically achievable. (Every 

          person has a unique nose shape and face and they have their own ideas of


          The consultation and discussion with the surgeon should clarify and guide you as

          to the possible, realistic nose shape options. 

          The photographic images of what the surgically corrected nose could look like

          are computer simulations and the actual surgical results may differ.

          This is pointed out and explained to you.


About the Computer Simulation:

  • Example 1. The surgeon may show and explain what the nose could look after the surgery. If grafting of cartilage, bone, tissue or synthetics is recommended this will be suggested and explained to you. If previous nasal septal surgery has been performed then septal cartilage may not be available. In this case perhaps autograft (from own body) rib or ear cartilage or homograft (donor) cartilage might need to be used. If that is not suitable the surgeon may have to use other material such as silicone or other synthetic material. All this is explained to you at the consultation.
  • Example 2. A small nose on a tall person does not look aesthetically  correct; or a wide based nose might have to be narrowed. The rhinoplasty  surgeon makes his aesthetic suggestions in keeping with your anatomical      facial features.​
  • Example 3. A chin implant might be recommended in order to balance the face. This will be pointed out to you and morphed onto the photographic image.​​​​ Quite often it is aesthetically better to have a chin implant rather than a nose reduction! Your surgeon will advise you and show you on the images of your face in profile how you could look post surgery.
  • Example 4. There are many other changes that can be performed in order to re-shape the nose; such as hump removal, bulbous tip refinement, alar base narrowing, nose shortening or lengthening, nose narrowing, nasal bridge augmentation, refinement, etc. All this will be explained to you.


  • If you agrees with the proposed surgical results as shown by computer morphing and imaging, the photographs are emailed to you or printed onto glossy full colour paper and presented to you to take and study. (Alternatively you will be given a computer copy). You have to make the decision if you wish to proceed to surgery.


  • We emphasize to all clients that one must be clear as to what to expect from the surgery. If you have reasonable and realistic expectations and want an improvement in the cosmetic appearance of the nose, this could be 80%-85% (or more) achievable by surgery in line with the computer simulation. If you are looking for perfection then you may be disappointed irrespective of the surgeon you choose. Perfection is attainable provided you have a perfect face, a perfect skin, perfect brow and chin, perfect eyes, a perfect  personality and perfect psychological outlook. If you are really looking for perfection we will probably not agree to you having nose surgery. No surgeon in the world can promise a perfect result! Unlike mathematics, aesthetic nose surgery is mainly art.


  • We have introduced 3-D imaging of the nose in London for our international clients which can be arranged on special request. Please Contact Us


  • Mr. Calinikos the NosePlasty Clinic surgeon takes all the factors into consideration and makes a full, clinical and aesthetic analysis of the nose and formulates in his/her mind’s eye, known as a ‘game plan’, in which he/she decides what has to be surgically done to achieve the best possible result. This ‘game plan’ is akin to a game of chess, because every surgical action has a consequence in the cosmetic result. Barring scar tissue formation, which is totally unpredictable, the results obtained are close to those predicted by the surgeon to his/her ‘game plan’ and to the morphed images. This is where the experience of the specialist surgeon and the perfection of his surgical aesthetic sense, technique and dedication come into play. The surgeon's analysis of the nose and his 'game plan' is the most important and crucial aspect of any nose surgery. It takes many years of experience in order for the surgeon to correctly analyse the nose and come up with the optimum surgical 'game plan' for each individual and unique nose shape. This professional advice is the culmination of many years of rhinoplasty surgery practice.


  • All important information is provided in printed document form for you to read. Every client will receive several pages of detailed information about the procedures and requirements that need to be followed and observed before, during and after rhinoplasty surgery at NosePlasty Clinic. The information details what has to be done to prepare for the surgery including advice on what to avoid in diet and habits prior to undergoing noseplasty surgery and also how to care for the nose post surgery. Nothing is left to chance.


  • Questions are welcome and if a client feels they need a second visit, it is arranged. Every client should feel comfortable and confident with any decision they make about the surgery, otherwise they are advised not to proceed. Likewise, Mr. John-Calinikos will only operate if he feels he can achieve realistic improvement in accordance with the desires of the client. If Mr. John-Calinikos feels that he cannot achieve improvement in keeping with the client’s expectation he will explain why he will not accept to do the surgery. Frequently Asked Questions.


  • Perfection and beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the attempt to achieve perfection carries a risk-reward ratio. This means that the achievement of 'perfection' implies a certain amount of risk and surgical risk becomes higher the greater the perfection demanded. The surgical risk rises exponentially in tandem with the endeavor to attain perfection and the attempt to attain so called 'perfection' is not warranted in nose surgery. As surgery is not an exact science like mathematics or engineering, it is self-explanatory that a 100% of the digital simulation shown on the monitor screen should not be expected, but a close 80%-85%+ result is often possible. Sometimes a 'jackpot' result is achieved. The results are not only dependant on the surgery, but also on the healing processes which rhinoplasty surgery depends on for optimum results.


  • The Super-Specialised NosePlasty Clinic Surgeons are dedicated to nasal cosmetic and functional surgery. They specialise in reconstruction, corrective, and functional plastic surgery of the nose. They are specialists in the field of cosmetic facial surgery and they have the knowledge, training, instrumentation, experience and surgical skills to deal with all aspects of nasal surgery, including internal nasal problems such as deviations and abnormalities of the anatomy and physiology of the nose which cause nose breathing problems and nasal obstructions. They also deal with septal perforations and the complications of unsuccessful previous nasal surgery. They do only nasal and rhinoplasty surgery. This is super-specialisation!
  • In the USA super-specialized surgeons with many years of surgical experience are referred to as ‘master surgeons’.              



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