Simply elegant and elegantly simple surgery-which is surgical art.

Dr. John-Calinikos' motto in rhinoplasty.


Mr. John-Calinikos (of Ithaca, Greece the legendary island of Odysseus)

Ioannis Kallinikos (Greek name medical registration)

Resume and Curriculum Vitae.


The Surgeon-Mr. John-Calinikos MB.,B.Ch. (University Witwatersrand South Africa), FRCS (Edinburgh, Scotland), AAFPRS-board certified facial plastic surgeon (San Fransisco,USA)

Fellowship qualified [Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh], an International Member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (USA) with over 30 years of experience in nasal and microsurgical surgery, Mr. John-Calinikos, consultant surgeon to NosePlasty Clinic, is an elite rhinoplasty surgeon medically registered internationally-(Greece, South Africa United Kingdom, (previously-New South Wales-Australia). He has dedicated his surgical skills to providing treatment and surgical care conforming to the highest international standards of quality and expertise. His belief is that facial plastic surgery (especially rhinoplasty), in order to be consistently successful, demands from the surgeon artistry, precise surgical skill, passion, commitment and attention to detail. He believes that world class results are only attainable by adhering to the above principles together with the philosophy in the performance of 'simply elegant and elegantly simple surgery'. This also demands the use of state of the art medical technology and the finest surgical instruments together with well practiced methods and techniques that assist in simplifying the surgery.


Artistic talent and a passion for beauty blended with surgical skill are the essential requirements for successful nose shaping surgery.

There has never been a substitute (in cosmetic surgery) for artisitic surgical ability combined with an eye for beauty!



Mr. John-Calinikos-has more than 30 years of international, surgical experience (having regularly performed surgery in Switzerland, United Kingdom, Greece and South Africa) and his passion, dedication and super-speciality is rhinoplasty. He is committed to excellence and has a passion for beauty and exceptional results. He is of the opinion that as a super-specialised rhinoplasty surgeon he must perform his surgery with conscientiousness, concentration and precision and also be aware of the aesthetic requirements of his patient. He believes that people who request nose shape changes are generally sensitive, emotional  and of above average intelligence. Facial plastic surgery and especially nose shaping surgery, is an emotional and psychological experience for the patient and Dr. John-Calinikos respects this and becomes involved in these sensitivities. He therefore prefers to select clients who he believes have a positive attitude to their proposed facial plastic surgery of their nose. He adheres to the high medical principle of "primum non nocere" (which has its roots in the Hippocratic oath) and would rather not proceed to surgery if he is of the opinion that he will not be able to improve his patient's nose to their or his own satisfaction. He has often been asked if he is the best rhinoplasty surgeon and his reply has always been "The best rhinoplasty surgeon is the surgeon that delivers the changes to your nose that you need! Every rhinoplasty surgeon who can do that is the best rhinoplasty surgeon for you!"


Mr. John-Calinikos does not believe in a ‘perfect’ nose. “Perfection can only be achieved by God”, he says. Beauty does not demand perfection! Every nose is unique and should be shaped to be in natural harmony with the face and personality of the person. Every nose is as different as every face and a different and a customized, individual approach describes Dr. John-Calinikos’ surgical philosophy. Some faces require a 'radical' approach; others a 'finesse' change to their nose that is enough to enhance the illusion of beauty and Mr. John-Calinikos -and no nose surgeon in the world! - can promise to attain the 'perfect' nose or 'perfect beauty' that the client so often demands.


Beauty is always an illusion that rests in the eyes of the beholder!


Mr. John-Calinikos says that rhinoplasty is a form of art.

"It's surgical art and art in surgery, and that is what rhinoplasty surgery should be!"


Mr. John-Calinikos’ super-specialisation in facial nasal plastic surgery was sparked by his personal friend and renowned colleague Professor Leslie Bernstein's (Sacramento USA) encouragement and rhinoplasty tuition courses followed by a fellowship of several years and many hours of specialised training at the world famous, and probably one of the busiest and foremost super-specialised, rhinoplasty Clinics in the world, the NoseClinic South Africa. The experience provided Mr. John-Calinikos the expertise of patient consultation, selection, analysis, photography and imaging. The training included the technical and natural surgical skills to deal with a variety of rhinoplasty procedures, ranging from the ‘simple’ hump removal to septal perforation repair and complicated revision surgery with multiple grafting. Such repair, revisions and grafting can take up to and sometimes more than 4-5 hours of skilled and precise microsurgical manoevering. This surgery time is often necessary in order attend to the precision and fine detail needed to achieve the best possible result.

(The usual uncomplicated noseplasty surgery lasts about 2 hours)


Mr. John-Calinikos’ rhinoplasty surgery incorporates advanced surgical techniques and procedures and he strives to ensure that his clients leave surgery looking natural, like ‘themselves’ but with a natural and non-operated appearance. The over riding ultimate objective in rhinoplasty is an improved, attractive, natural looking, long lasting result which is in harmony with the face and the body type of the person. (For example, a small nose on a big, tall person looks ridiculous.) At the same time a chin implant is often required to finalise the correct facial proportions.


Mr. John-Calinikos stays at the forefront of the latest developments by regularly attending workshops, seminars and international conferences on plastic surgery of the nose and face and stays in touch about current surgical trends with the prestigious American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (AAFPRS)* of which he is an international member. Dr. John-Calinikos works in association with specialist, dedicated anaesthetists who use the latest advances in anaesthesia with computerised intravenous sedation and encephalographic monitoring of the level of consciousness and sedation (conscious sedation), which has had a revolutionary impact on rhinoplasty procedures. Additionally, the method of avoiding surgical tissue damage, by non-use of suction or cautery on the delicate nose tissues during the surgical procedure, has contributed to the elegance of his rhinoplasty and to a rapid (5-7 days) recovery with minimal bruising, swelling and discomfort. Like so many South African world firsts, conscious sedation was first used in its total and purest form in South Africa by South African doctors.


One of Dr. John-Calinikos’ special interests is snoring, which may be related to the shape of the nose causing nasal valve or other nasal passage narrowing. Studies have shown that more than a third of clients requesting a nose shape change have compromised nasal breathing. Unless this problem is recognised and correctly treated at the initial surgery (by a combined cosmetic/functional rhinoplasty procedure) it can lead to long standing partial nasal obstruction. (Snoring is generally not recognised as a medical problem and is generally regarded as a cosmetic issue by many health insurers and for that reason medical insurers often avoid paying for its surgical correction. On the other hand it is often associated with bronchial problems and sleep disturbances with its resultant complications. )


Because of his international medical registration Mr. John-Calinikos has an international clientele and his appointment as rhinoplasty surgeon to the NosePlasty Clinic team contributes international prestige status to the Clinic.

Dr. John-Calinikos does facial imaging in United Kingdom (London), Greece (Mykonos, Athens), South Africa (Johannesburg, Pretoria) and Switzerland (St. Gallen)-only by pre-arranged appointment.


If you wish to schedule an imaging with photographic morphing and consultation with Mr. John-Calinikos please e-mail us

or write your message and details at our Contact Us web page on this website and we will contact you.


A consultation with Mr. John-Calinikos places you under no obligation. If he feels that he cannot assist you he will tell you, or if there are problems that he does not deal with he will gladly refer you to local or international specialists who have expertise with your specific problems. Mr. John-Calinikos consults and performs photographic imaging analysis and surgery only on a private basis and has no association with Medical Aids or Insurance providers. If you think your insurer or medical aid provider will cover or be responsible for your fees please discuss this with the secretary of the Clinic before you book an appointment for consultation or any procedure.


                  Areas of Special Interest and Expertise

  • Nose shaping non-surgical and surgical. Surgery-Specialising in Cosmetic, Functional and Reconstructive Nasal Surgery.
  • Facial Aesthetics and rejuvenation.
  • Facial nerve injury surgery.
  • Snoring with nasal anatomy causes and its treatment.
  • Nutrition,
  • Longevity,
  • Physical fitness,
  • Rejuvenation programs and Anti-ageing course and programs in Mykonos and Athens have recently been introduced for elected applicants
  • Weight-loss, obesity prevention control and physical rejuvenation.
  • Facial Imaging and Nose shape computer Imaging with Photographic morphing and analysis with advisory facial and nose shape surgical changes.

     For informatio regarding Mykonos and Athens please submit email

     inquiry via our Contact box at the end of this website.this site.


    Dr. Calinikos Memberships, Affiliations and Registrations.

  • International Member of The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (AAFPRS) 326398
  • Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (ENT) Edinburgh, Scotland (FRCS ORL Edin.) 007504
  • Medical Council, Athens, Greece: Ioanni Kallinikos-Specialist ORL Registration 8074
  • General Medical Council (United Kingdom) 0899879
  • South African Health Professional Medical Council: Specialist Registration MP0071688
  • Fellow of the International College of Surgeons (FICS)
  • New South Wales Medical Board-Australia MP112178
  • Member of the Portmann Foundation-Bordeaux, France
  • Royal Society of Medicine UK 01259254


                             Medical Qualifications

  • MB., B.Ch. (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)        
  • Specialist Otolaryngologist recognised by University of Athens and Dept. of Health Greece-Ioanni Kallinikos-Athens, Greece
  • FRCSEd. Fellow Royal College of Surgeons (ORL), (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
  • AAFPRS Memberof the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (USA)
  • Accepted by Dept. of Health Switzerland, St. Gallen as Locum ENT surgeon.


                International Appointments and Experience


          Dr. J. Calinikos Consultant Surgeon @ Noseplasty Clinics and first user of 

          the name "Noseplasty".

  • Anatomy Tutor and Lecturer at Department of Anatomy (Head of Dept. Prof. Phillip Tobias), University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Consultant/Tutor Ear Nose Throat Surgeon to Baragwanath Teaching Hospital and University Witwatersrand Teaching Hospital, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Consultant Ear Nose Throat Specialist with emphasis on audiological pathologies (from deep level mining) to South Africa Medical Bureau of Occupational Diseases, Government Dept. of Mines, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Specialist Ear, Nose and Throat Surgical Consultant to the Miner's Benefit Society, Rustenburg, South Africa.
  • Consultant Ear Nose Throat Surgeon to General Hospital, University Witwatersrand, Teaching Hospital Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Consultant/Tutor Ear Nose Throat Surgeon to Natalspruit Hospital, South Africa.
  • Consultant Locum Ear Nose Throat Surgeon to Bradford Royal Infirmary NHS, Bradford, United Kingdom
  • Consultant Locum Ear Nose Throat Surgeon to Barnstable Hospital NHS, Barnstable, United Kingdom
  • Consultant Locum Ear Nose Throat Surgeon to Ysbytty Gwynedd, NHS Wales, United Kingdom
  • Consultant Locum Ear Nose Throat Surgeon to North Devon, NHS District Hospital, United Kingdom
  • Consultant Locum Ear Nose Throat Surgeon to Barnsley Hospital NHS, Barnsley, United Kingdom
  • Private Ear Nose Throat Consultant Surgeon Locum to Dr. Tibor. Missoura, Ear Nose and Throat and Facial Surgeon, St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • Part-time Facial Surgical assistant to Dr. Klaus Walter Plastic Facial Surgeon Heiden Clinic, Heiden, Switzerland.
  • Part-time Surgical assistant to Dr. Walter Pfeppersack, Plastic and Maxillo-Facial Surgeon at Heiden Clinic, Heiden, Switzerland.
  • Private Consultant Ioanni Kallinikos Ear Nose Throat Surgeon in association with Dr.Economides and Dr. P. Raftopoulos at Igeia Private Clinic, Athens, Greece
  • Surgeon elect ENT at Iatriko Private Clinic Athens Greece
  • Private Consultant Ear Nose Throat Surgeon - Flora Clinic, South Africa
  • Private Consultant Ear Nose Throat & Facial Surgeon at Bagleyston Clinic and Linksfield Hospital Group, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Private Consultant Surgeon for snoring problems and Managing director and founder 'Snore-No-More Clinic', @Bagleyston Clinic, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Private Aesthetic, Health, Anti-Ageing, Obesity Consultant and Innovator, founder and Managing Director to ‘Swiss Revitalizing and Rejuvenating Clinics' of South Africa and Greece.
  • Private Aesthetic, Health and Obesity Consultant and Managing Director to ‘Silhouette Clinics’ Zurich, Switzerland and Greece
  • Private Aesthetic and Health and Obesity Consultant to Sheri Lynn Health Studios, Munich, Germany
  • Founder and Specialist Surgeon Consultant to Noseplasty Clinic EU.UK,GR
  • Professional Photographic & Computer Facial Imaging & Analysis Especially for surgical Facial Reanimation by Rhinoplasty.


          Leading advisory consultant of a professional team involved in anti-

          ageing and rejuvenation in Mykonos Greece and negotiating U.K.

  • Artistic Imaging and Facial Analysis Consultant with computer-photo imaging for facial pre surgery. By Appointment in London (UK), Athens, Mykonos (Greece), Switzerland by Appointment only at Contact Us.

We have recently introduced rejuvenating, revitalizing and anti-ageing programs. Please look at our leading page for details.


Photographs of +70 years old who look like 40 yrs old (who participated in out programs) available on request.


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