Changing the shape of your nose is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life because the change to your facial appearance (and psychological outlook) will be permanent. It is also the most youth enhancing facial surgery you can have. (A face-lift, fat implants, 'Botox' and fillers are secondary to rhinoplasty as far as enhancing youthful appearance is concerned). The nose is the most important facial feature in keeping the face looking youthful. That being so, you should entrust this seemingly simple, but absolutely complicated to perform surgery, to the super-specialist nose surgeon who has more than 25 years of surgical experience and expertise.


Rhinoplasty is also a form of psycho-surgery and your personal nose change requirements reflect the image you desire for yourself. Look at paintings and look at art. What you will be looking at is 'your image', and before you have a rhinoplasty determine what you want your image to be. Be honest with yourself. Don’t have unrealistic expectations. Maybe you don’t have the facial structure, the skeletal shape, the skin texture and perfect eyes of your favourite film star or model. Aim high but don’t aim for the impossible. No surgeon can deliver perfection. And your rhinoplasty surgeon can only deliver what is surgically possible given your particular nasal and facial anatomy. This does not mean that you shouldn't have a nose job. Actually many individuals can benefit aesthetically from even a slight cosmetic nose shape improvement. Chin implant surgery is often also required to balance the face in people of African ethnicity. See Ethnic Changes.


Rhinoplasty is not only an operation, it’s also a form of three- dimensional surgical art. The surgeon who operates on the nose for cosmetic reasons has to be a three dimensional artist. In rhinoplasty there is no promise of 'perfection' because 'perfection is the enemy of good'. 'Perfection' is in the eye of the beholder and 'perfection' in human anatomy embraces nose, face, facial contour, facial skin luminosity, body size, height and most importantly, personality. No surgeon can deliver a ‘perfect’ new nose. If you are seeking perfection and are the type of person who is obsessive about your appearance and what you see as imperfection, then rather keep away from rhinoplasty surgery. Only time, like art, can define perfection and that is the reason that the Mona Lisa is worth multi millions-the enigma of beauty in a smile? See Historical Beauty


The shape and structure of the nose may suggest the ethnicity of a person. Different cultures and different races have different ideas of beauty and aesthetic senses vary across cultures. Today's rhinoplasty surgeon must be aware of and respect these differences if he/she is to deliver noses that conform to these diverse aesthetic values. Very often a nose is surgically 'improved' but that does not conform aesthetically to the race that the person belongs to. This is where the artistic sense, knowledge and experience of the nose surgeon is important. Mr. John-Calinikos who has years of experience will give you his candid, aesthetic opinion about your nose and whether it is advisable for you to have a nose job or the changes you want to have. We do have clients who don't take our advice and come back later for a revision operation because they have had a rhinoplasty elsewhere and are dissatisfied with their result!


NosePlasty Clinic surgeons have vast experience in African and Chinese nasal cosmetic surgery. The surgeons who perform the Noseplasty nose job method are internationally trained, registered and acknowledged with many years of experience and have undergone special rhinoplasty training courses in the USA and other parts of the world. They do only nasal surgery. They will listen to your requirements and work with you and change your nose to suit your sense of beauty and take into account the aesthetic changes necessary to suit your ethnicity.


NosePlasty Clinic surgeon Mr. John-Calinikos will analyse your nose prior to any surgical correction and with his expertise in aesthetics of the human face, will advise you. A chin implant may be necessary to balance the contour of your face with the size of your nose. Every face and every nose is different and every person undergoing rhinoplasty is different and has different ideas of beauty and what they desire to change. Therefore every nose requires a different emotional and surgical approach in order to optimise the result.


Having dealt with the cosmetic form of the nose, the nose surgeon should be able to deal with the function of the nose.

NosePlasty Clinic surgeons are also trained ear, nose and throat surgeons and can deal with functional and nose grafting requirements for a successful result.


  • “Rhinoplasty produces a more apparent change in facial features than any other facial plastic surgery procedure. If one compares various facial features to the composition of a painting, decreasing the nasal prominence will increase the prominence of the eyes and alter the chin relationship of our facial portrait."
  • "The importance of proper patient selection, an understanding of the dynamics of the operation, and attention to even the most minute details cannot be over emphasised if a consistently high level of success is to be achieved.”
  • "Rhinoplasty IS the 'Queen of Surgery' "

Quotes are from the eminent, world famous, rhinoplasty American surgeon

Dr. Jack Anderson.


NosePlasty Clinic has modified and adapted the above quote and uses it as its brand logo to describe 'noseplasty' surgery.

  • 'Noseplasty' IS 'The Queen of Rhinoplasty'



Quote used by Professor Leslie Bernstein in his 50+ years of Rhinoplasty Instruction Course at the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgeons in San Fransisco, USA

The doyen of rhinoplasty surgery in the USA.

Seek and find a surgeon acknowledged by the AAFPRS! The cheapest surgery is correct surgery performed the first time!


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Text 18 Feb 2019