If you have ever wondered how cosmetic nose surgery also known as rhinoplasty, nose job, noseplasty, nose plastic surgery or nose make-over could improve your looks, your image, your psychology or your self-confidence, you need to know the basics of how rhinoplasty is performed and what you can expect from it. No pamphlet can answer all your concerns, but this site provides answers to many questions you may have. Your surgeon can answer questions about your more specific needs and concerns.


        Facts About Rhinoplasty

  • Every year, millions of men and women all over the world are interested in improving their facial appearance and seek information and consultation with nasal surgeons. The recent rise in media attraction, combined with advances in surgical techniques, suggest that the numbers will continue to grow. In the USA, which is at the forefront of aesthetic medicine, more than 10 millions plastic surgery procedures are performed every year of which a significant percentage is rhinoplasty. In China and in the Middle East nose shaping surgery has become the most sought after facial surgical procedure and in places like Dubai it's considered a status symbol to have a nose shape improvement.


  • Rhinoplasty is the second most common plastic surgery procedure performed in the USA (after breast augmentation) according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the numbers of requests for rhinoplasty is increasing exponentially because of TV programs on plastic and reconstructive surgery.



  • People who seek to improve their appearance are generally professionals, well informed, progressive, competitive, health conscious, and active. A great number of movie stars, models, celebrities and public personalities have a rhinoplasty or nose shape refinement because they know that their careers depend on their appearance. (The nose is the most defining characteristic of the face and even a slight alteration can greatly improve one's facial appearance, because a well-shaped nose has a global and positive, youth enhancing effect on the face.)


  • Lower nose job prices, (as performed by NosePlasty Clinic) has also resulted in the 22 year old receptionist who will spend whatever it takesand "has expanded the market from wealthy teenagers to ambitious male business executives and teenage girls”, to undergo plastic surgery. Quotes from 'The Guardian'.



Many reasons for people seeking nose shape change.


  • People from all walks of life want to improve their appearance because they realize that in today’s competitive world appearance is overwhelmingly important. There is competition in the job market, competition in personal relationships, competition in mating and in every day social meetings    and many people are unhappy with the shape of their nose
  • Others are unhappy with the way aging has changed their nose shape.
  • For others, an injury or prior nasal surgery may have distorted the nose shape.
  • Some people seek an improvement in breathing in an attempt to stop snoring. (Rhinoplasty can correct internal structural abnormalities such as a deviated septum or valve narrowing which can lead to chronic symptoms such as snoring, nasal stuffiness and post-nasal drip.)
  • Some people only want and only need a small refinement in order to optimise the appearance of their nose.
  • Some people need a chin implant to improve their profile and facial balance; (This is performed at the NosePlasty Clinic at the same time as the noseplasty procedure.
  • Many Africans, Afro-Americans and Asians need a reduction of the flaring nostrils, a narrower tip or a higher nasal bridge and are today seeking to alter the shape of their nose. See Ethnic rhinoplasty



          Nothing has a greater impact on how a person looks than the size and 

          shape of their nose.

          A shapely nose defines the beauty of the face!

          Mr. John-Calinikos has said: 'Change the shape of the nose and thereby 

          change the Psychology and the Destiny of the person'.



Common Psychological Motivations for Nose Shape Change


Rhinoplasty (nose job or noseplasty) improves the appearance and proportion of the face, enhances facial harmony and boosts self-image and self confidence.


A successful rhinoplasty result can literally induce a metamorphosis of one's psychology and personality.


It has been described as a ‘facial make-over’ and even as ‘psycho-surgery’.


  • Being attractive confers enormous social advantages. Attractive people, (both men and women) are judged to be more intelligent and better in bed; they generally earn more and they are more likely to marry. Today beauty matters most in all walks of life and especially for mating success. A study by American scientists logged the mating preferences of more than 10,000 people across 37 cultures and found that a woman’s physical attractiveness came top of every man’s list.


Good looks are a woman’s most fungible asset, exchangeable for social position, money, even love.(Nancy Eloff-psychologist and author of ‘Survival of the Prettiest’).


"Americans spend more each year on beauty than they do on education." (The Economist May 24, 2003.)


"Beautiful people have a positive attitude which attracts wealth to them." quote of a prominent lawyer in a celebrity debate in England. (Evening Standard 29 Nov 2012)


  • The nose can have a psychological effect on those who think of themselves as having an ugly nose. Often the possessors of a large, deviated, hooked, crooked or bulbous nose think that their nose is 'ugly' and an embarrassment and they conduct their personal relationships with a psychological lack of confidence. Young girls and boys are often ridiculed at school if they have a large aquiline, bulbous or humped nose and many young ladies seeking surgery admit that they have hated their noses ever since they could remember.

Psychological studies conducted at leading psychological institutions have shown that many people who have had their noses surgically improved have sensed an added attractiveness and this has enhanced in a very positive way their whole psychological attitude, their sexuality and relationships towards the outside world. Suddenly their self-worth catapults and their self-image becomes enhanced. Since the nose is the most prominent part of the face, it is extremely important in one’s ‘body image’, which is a crucial aspect of ones ‘identity’


Studies conducted at the University of Stirling have shown that perceptions about facial appearance turn out to be strongly correlated with perceptions about the owners of those faces, including trustworthiness, happiness, goodness, masculinity and overall health. A large body of work suggests that facial asymmetry is perceived as unattractive. (Source: Facial Plastic Times Sept/Oct 2012)


  • Not infrequently, subconscious personality factors are equated with real or imaginary anatomical 'defects' of the nose. Since the nose is the most common anatomical focus point it can, in some people, if it’s not ‘perfect’ symbolically represent physical ‘imperfectionism’. In these people a rhinoplasty is inadvisable because they seek a ‘perfect nose’ and this is, in truth, not attainable.


  • At the other extreme some people with an unaesthetic or even ugly nose can have such wonderful physical, or positive psychological and character attributes that they totally ignore their nose and the unbiased observer considers that the person is attractive and even beautiful. Many well-known movie and TV personalities have noses that might be thought of as unattractive but their nose is part of their personal charisma and charm. Noses considered as unattractive are not necessarily ‘ugly’ or a liability to attractiveness. In the male it is probably easier to accept an  ‘ugly’ nose because men are more often forgiven for their unappealing facial looks if they are rugged and 'manly' looking. But having said that, an 'ugly' nose can sometimes be a social and psychological handicap in men as well.


  • Because the nose is the most defining characteristic of the face, a slight alteration can greatly improve one's appearanceAn improvement of the nose has a global effect on the aesthetics of the face. It has a far more psychological ‘up-liftment’ than a surgical face-lift or losing weight. Many women and men who have had successful rhinoplasties, have subsequently been able to lose weight and trim their bodies easily, because their psyche had improved to such an extent that they could tackle losing weight that much more easily. NosePlasty Clinic surgeons recommend that if you want to improve your over all appearance first have your nose surgery and then follow up with weight loss. Once your self-image and confidence have been restored you will probably find it much easier to attain your target weight.


  • Remember that your face is your calling card!


Sporting, Physical and Wellness Motivations.


Although cosmetic nasal surgery is primarily performed in order to improve the aesthetics of nose shape, internal nose surgery can be essential in relieving chronic nasal obstruction and prevent and stop snoring. The cosmetic plastic surgeon must be trained to diagnose and deal with internal nasal problems at the same time as the cosmetic surgery. Chronic nasal inspiratory flow obstruction (this is usually associated with expiratory flow obstruction) can cause major cardiac and bronchial medical complications. Chronic nasal obstruction compromises respiratory and cardiac function and it become manifest in many young, healthy sports people especially during sports exertion. Sports trainers verify that optimal, physical exertion cannot be attained when breathing is conducted with a blocked or partially nose. The nasal passages are extremely rich in nerve supply that influences bronchial dilation and heart rate during exercise. This in turn has an effect on oxygenation, metabolism and muscle function. Not only is the volume of air inspired important, but also the internal nasal inspiratory and expiratory pressures are very important. Probably the most important first organ that has to work effectively and efficiently during sport and physical training is the nose. That having been said, remember that NosePlasty Clinic deals only with clients who wish to improve the shape of the nose and does not treat medical conditions. If the function of the nose is related to the shape of the nose and this causes nose valve narrowing then the NosePlasty Clinic surgeon will primarily need to correct this during the aesthetic surgery in order to attain a good aesthetic result. The function of the nose (such as nose blockage causing snoring) is of equal impotance in the cosmetic surgery performed at NosePlasty Clinic.


Before you rush to have your rhinoplasty consider these important statements:


Primary rhinoplasty is the most difficult of all aesthetic operations to 

 perform for three reasons:

  1. Nasal anatomy is highly variable thereby precluding a 'one operation fits all' approach.
  2. The procedure must correct both form and function.
  3. The final, highly visible result must meet the patient's high expectations."

Quotes from Professor Rollin K. Damiel, University of California, Irvine, USA.



Are YOU a good Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

Consider the Following:


  • While previously there might have been some stigma attached in certain ethnic groups in having a nose job or nose shape change, today it's commonplace in all races. There is no reason to put off seeking an improvement of your nose shape any longer. See Ethnic Rhinoplasty


  • Rhinoplasty or Noseplasty today, as performed at the NosePlasty Clinic, is safer and less invasive than ever before! NosePlasty Clinic surgeons use advanced, micro-surgical techniques and sophisticated, computerized monitoring equipment during the surgical procedure when you are essentially put into a conscious sedation, twilight sleep. At NosePlasty Clinic you will be well looked after and a nose job before and after the surgery is safe, painless and not stressful.


  • Nose surgery is a highly individualised procedure and you should do it ONLY for yourself; not to fulfill someone else’s desires or ideals or recommendations, or to try and fit any sort of image. You should resist opposition from friends who try to dissuade you from having a rhinoplasty. It must be your decision and after serious consideration you should be doing it for yourself and only for yourself. If your friends, after the surgery do not like or approve of your result, that is their problem and as long as you are satisfied, they should not interfere in your decision. Revision surgery is complicated and costly so make sure that you have one surgical procedure. If for any reason you are unsure of your decision or you have strong opposition from your family or spouse, then it’s probably best that you don't have it performed. Both you and your surgeon will be happier in the long term.


  • Facial growth must have ceased-usually at age 15-18 years for girls and older for boys. People may be unhappy with a small bump or a wide tip, or large flaring nostrils, which are generally easily correctable. (Exceptions to earlier age surgery are cases in which breathing is severely impaired. These cases are referred to medical units.)


  • Understanding nasal surgery is critical and realistic expectations are prerequisites before deciding to have a nose job. Since there is no ideal in rhinoplasty, the goal is to improve the nose aesthetically, making it harmonize better with other facial features. You must have specific but realistic goals in mind for the improvement of your appearance. The decision to have nose surgery is extremely personal and you'll have to decide if the benefits will fulfill your goals and if the risks and potential, possible complications are acceptable to you.


  • There is always a risk-reward ratio that you must consider. Everyone who is motivated to improve their appearance is a good candidate for rhinoplasty with two major provisos. That is, that you have realistic expectations and accept the risk-reward ratio. See Frequently Asked Questions
    • Rhinoplasty surgery is an elective procedure, which you elect to undergo.
    • It is important that you realise that cosmetic rhinoplasty is recognised as being a most complex surgical procedure and the final results are not seen for at least a year after the surgery. Some of the effects we hope not to see are complications such as infection or cartilages and bones moving after they have been set in a particular position.
    • There is always the possibility of having to undergo a revision procedure in order the satisfy your expectations. The surgeon will usually not charge for the surgical procedure in this case, provided that your request is reasonable and advisable, but you are still liable for the anaesthetist and clinic fees.  See Pitfalls & Risks


  • Nose surgery can make a big difference. Some noses require quite extensive modification, and others require only some ‘fine tuning’ to ‘beautify’ the overall appearance of your face. In many cases, if the correction required is minimal, it won’t make a fundamental difference to your looks and many people may not even notice the change, because nasal surgery at the NosePlasty Clinic is aimed to balancing your face, while giving you an aesthetically 'natural' looking nose.  If you have a healthy attitude towards your appearance, you’ll be thrilled by the change. If you are a model or celebrity where every viewer is scrutinizing your face, the change might be noticeable only to them. If you have had a 'finesse' change then only you will probably be able to detect the subtle, facial appearance change. In this instance your friends and relatives wiil comment and how much nicer and youger you look but they will not be able to pin point the fact that your nose shape has been altered. This is called 'finesse' rhinoplasty which can only be performed by surgical artistry. See The Surgeon


  • Whether the surgery is desired for functional or cosmetic reasons, your choice of a qualified rhinoplasty surgeon is of paramount importance. Many facial plastic surgeons are trained in ear, nose, throat and nasal cosmetic surgery, which provide you with the highest level of training and expertise. Surgeons trained in ear, nose and throat surgery have the additional instrumentation and surgical expertise in dealing with all types of nasal problems. Your noseplasty surgeon will examine the structure of your nose, both externally and internally, to evaluate what you can expect from your rhinoplasty.


  • Thirty five percent (35%) of nasal cosmetic surgery clients who deny nasal obstruction, do indeed have a significant anatomical deformity internally,* "that if left uncorrected will result in post surgery nasal obstruction and blocked nose unless corrected at the initial surgery". It is crucial that an in-depth nasal history and examination of the internal nasal anatomy and nasal valves is performed with correct instrumentation, by a trained ear, nose and throat nose surgeon. This examination shows common internal nasal passage problems such as septum deviation, allergy, nasal valve narrowing and any nasal pathology.

*Statistics from Professor Rollin K. Daniel, California, Irvine, USA


  • NosePlasty Clinic uses computer generated imaging (CGI) software to help you visualize how changes to your nose will impact your overall facial appearance. During your consultation, your face will be photographed from several angles and the images will be printed or displayed on a computer screen. The surgeon or image consultant can then show you the possible results of the surgery, thereby building an aesthetic image that is acceptable to you. This computer imaging is a very powerful tool to helping you formulate your goals for surgery and promoting effective communication between you and your surgeon. This imaging will help you in your decision as the whether you wish to proceed to surgery or not. Of course as explained to you the images and changes on the computer screen and/or photographs are only simulation and actual results may differ. Three-dimensional imaging has been introduced in London for our international clients. Contact Us.


  • Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty with nose 'fillers' has recently become popular because it is an office procedure and there is no down time. Nose bridges can be augmentated and other minor enhancements can also be done but the NosePlasty Clinic surgeons do not usually recommend them. Fillers injected into the nose, while certainly yielding a transient result is not always the best option. Some fillers (which are not FDA approved) may produce damage to the nasal skin and underlying structures, including the alar and lower lateral cartilages. The fillers approved by the FDA are considered safe. Their modelling effect is generally transitory and has to be repeated but for some people this is a good solution. Ask the NosePlasty Clinic surgeon about them and if you are truly a candidate for such a procedure it can be arranged for it to be performed.


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